Artist Statement

Discovering and appreciating the natural world is a reoccurring theme for my art and teaching.  I believe that as humans, we have a responsibility to appreciate and pay tribute to the natural world. My mixed media pieces plant a seed for the viewer to make connections and find relationships with oneself and the natural world.  Sometimes we forget that we are also a product of the natural world.  By being aware of ones’ relationship with the universe, we will strive to take care of ourselves, others, the world and beyond.

My artistic process involves instinctual mark making and design to serve as a catalyst to further investigate the laws of nature. Using a variety of mixed media allows me to intuitively respond to my creative gestures. Pen, ink, watercolor, photo transfers, marbleized paper, needle and thread, and oil paint create layered effects of these different worlds coming together to symbolize the reoccurring endless cycle of nature and our social responsibility to preserve and appreciate it. Within my mixed media process, I create visual patterns and forms that pay tribute to the various worlds that most of mankind will never truly experience firsthand: the cosmos, the deepest depths of the sea, and microbiological substructures. I create fantastic worlds consisting of microscopic and macroscopic visuals all interconnected and morphed into an alternate place and space.  This new environment allows my imagination to create a sense of space through movement, sight, texture, color, and pattern.  Allowing my hand to react and also allowing myself to drift away becomes a “firsthand experience” into the various inter-working hierarchies of the natural world.  My work serves as a visual metaphor connecting how we can experience the universe from a microscopic to a macroscopic level.

My mixed media series involve discovering new relationships to seemingly unrelated elements and juxtaposing them into a composition that I did not originally intend. My work is a metaphor to life: most of our life is about wanting to gain control, but sometimes, losing control can become magical.

Copyright 2004-2012 Julie Hom-Mandell, all rights reserved