People and Places that inspired me:

Massachusetts College of Art
This school allowed me to understand what it takes to be an artist. I've learned various creative techniques and practices.  I try to get my hands on a variety of classes- everything from Renaissance painting techniques to a 100 drawing class. 

Jake Mandell
My husband who is a former techno musician and currently a radiology resident at Brigham and Women's Hospital.  He inspires me with his ambitious hobbies, love of learning, and creative process.

Ma Qungxiong
Qingxiong Ma is a traditional Chinese brush painter and a wonderful teacher who has taught me that one's spirit is connected to each brushstroke.

Esta Carnahan
Esta Carnahan is a good friend and an extremely talented scultor who creates personal mythology out of clay and bronze.

Ernesto Caivano
His line quality and gestures are executed with precision and the compositions are mesmerizing. Love his use of organic and human traits.

Roberto Matta
Chilean surrealist painter of the 20th century -his subconscious drawings are fresh and inventive.

Julia Mehretu
Successful abstract artist. Her scale, mixed media use of layers allows one to escape into this 3D fantasy of perceived space and how we interact with it. Mehretu's work incorporates the visual vocabulary of maps, urban-planning grids, and architectural forms as it alternates between historical narratives and fictional landscapes.

Gerhard Richter
German abstract expressionist artist whose work ranges from photographically rendered  paintings to abstract squeegee paintings.  His range of painting is much to be desired

Ernst Haekel
A scientist/ draftsman whose drawings of natural forms have an extraordinary fantastic quality that fuses both art and science.